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Our philosophy and mission

Our reason to be

In the process of evolution, people have always used natural resources to nourish and heal their bodies and build their homes. Our ancestors knew about the healing and nourishing properties of wild plants and specialized in various crafts, passing from generation to generation their experience. Understanding the inseparable connection with their environment, people took care of the surrounding nature: they used nature as a source of food, medicine, heat and comfort, sparingly, understanding that it must be protected for the next generation. They understood nature’s power and wisdom, lived in harmony with it, and protected it from waste, exploitation, and pollution.

However, in the modern society, we have distanced ourselves from the hassle of production of our own food, medicine, clothing, and housing. It has become less essential for our survival to carry the knowledge and wisdom our ancestors had about natural resources and the medicinal and nourishing properties. Plants and natural cures that has been used for centuries have been labeled as alternative and current legal regulations have forbidden the producers to communicate about the healing properties of their ingredients, putting natural products and synthetic and chemical products on an equal footing.

If the producers are not allowed to disclose any health benefits on the packaging, the consumer must make his choice himself.

Founders note

Kalina store is launched with the ambition to shed the light on the most beautiful, honest and healthy products we can lay our hands on. We carefully source materials for our collection and personally know every supplier, visiting their farms and workshops. Most of our products are made by small-scale family businesses or independent craftspeople. We try to select products that are made to last a lifetime!

We strongly believe in a holistic approach to health & sustainability and will always opt for the option with the smallest footprint and the shortest ingredient list!

Katrina Mihalova 

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