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About us

Kalina aims to inspire and reconnect others with the purest and most natural products mother nature provided us with, evoke a deeper appreciation for nature and an appetite for life.  

We’re always on the look for the purest ingredients and materials, natural recipes, and slow living traditions that help to heal & nurture our bodies without harming our surroundings.

Our principles

In order for you to get to know us better, we have compiled a set of internal rules or principles for our product selection.

Pure & Natural

We believe that nature provides all that we need to heal & nurture our body & soul. Therefore, all ingredients and materials used for our products are always pure, natural, and contain no toxic additives. Most products have biological and organic certificates.


In our collection, you will find mostly waste-free products. To make our ecological footprint as small as possible, we encourage our suppliers to offer their products without packaging or to choose zero-waste options, whenever possible.


We prefer hand-made above mass-made because we believe that quality products are made by hand. That’s why we only work with small companies and farms. We try and use everything we sell ourselves, and we always know our products and suppliers personally.

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Our philosophy and mission statement

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