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Welcome to Kalina, a sustainable and health focussed gift store offering elegant, artisanal goods crafted from the finest natural ingredients and materials.

From our home base in the Netherlands, we pour our own collection of beeswax candles, package all products, and curate and ship our gift boxes. The other products in our collection are collaboratively made with European artisans, utilizing traditional local crafts and materials. We source our raw materials exclusively from small-scale manufacturers who use ethically sourced natural materials.

At Kalina, our goal is to create a horizontal organization that sets a new standard for how sustainable products should be created. We believe in the power of nature and the transformative power of gifts. By creating and sharing beautifully crafted, natural products, we aim to remind people of nature’s beauty and demonstrate a new way of working.

By shopping with Kalina, you support independent European makers and contribute to a more sustainable future. Each purchase helps lower your ecological footprint, preserve European craftsmanship, create job opportunities, and boost local economies. To show our gratitude, we aim to make each of your deliveries feel like opening a special gift.

Kalina’s core principles

Founders note

How it all started

Growing up in Latvia, I developed a deep connection to nature early on. My childhood was filled with foraging, observing nature’s elements, and crafting with goods I could find around me. Later, during my young adulthood, I experienced life in different countries and modern cities. I realized how easy it was to disconnect from nature, overlook the environmental impact of our existence, and forsake generational wisdom for the convenience of mass-produced, “quick solutions.”

I longed for the same harmonious coexistence and bond with nature that I had in my childhood and realized that this need was universal, as the demand for natural products was growing. Determined to reintroduce the allure of “old-fashioned” natural goods to a wider audience, I launched my first sustainable collection of home goods in 2020—collaborating with local Latvian artisans and small-scale raw material producers.

Over four years, Kalina has evolved into a boutique gift box company. Each meticulously curated gift box aims to inspire a deeper reverence for nature and nurture a passion for life itself. I believe in the transformative power of a gift, especially when it consists of natural ingredients and materials, which heal and sustain our bodies while protecting our environment.

I invite you to join me on this journey to embrace nature’s beauty and the luxury of authentic, natural living.

Thank you for joining me on this journey,

Katrina Mihalova

Kalina’s products in your store?

If you’re interested in distributing Kalina products in your (online) store, send us a message and request a brochure!

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