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Soft Baby Brush


Extremely soft brush for newborns and kids.

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A real cuddly baby brush made of 100% natural and silky soft and goat hair bristles and beech wood. Suitable for newborns and the youngest members of the family!

Goat hair is particularly soft and tender for baby’s sensitive scalp, however it’s also suitable for gentle stroking of the skin, as small children in particular discover the world by “feeling” it.

Many babies experience such a treatment as enjoyable and relaxing.

What makes this baby brush special?

No animals are bred or slaughtered for the production of the brushes! The hair is “the leftover” from food production that would otherwise be thrown away. This is environmentally friendly and limits the production of plastic!

The brush is made regional beech wood from responsibly managed forests. It is sustainably and traditionally made in Germany.


Additional information

Country of origin



Waxed beech wood and goat hair


18,5 cm