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Reusable Jute Dish Scrubber


Our Jute Dish Scrubber is a reusable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly alternative to plastic dish sponges & brushes. 

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Jute all-purose scrubber

Jute Dish Scrubber

Our Jute All-Purpose scrubber is an eco-friendly alternative for synthetic sponges. It is ideal for your natural skincare routine, but can also be used as a reusable dish scrubber and cleaning tool for your zero-waste kitchen & home.

  • Plant-based & compostable
  • Durable and wear-resistant 
  • Reusable for up to 2 years, depending on your use.
  • No plastic, chemicals, dyes, or artificial ingredients

Reusable up to two years!

Jute has natural antibacterial properties and is very wear-resistant. Therefore it can be reused until it’s completely worn down!

After each use, just rinse the scrubber in hot water and let it dry. The scrubber can be machine-washed at high temperatures or disinfected in boiling water with a pinch of soda. With proper use, your jute scrubber will last up to 2 years or even longer!

Natural Jute Dish scrubber and wooden spatula - Kalina Store - Non-toxic kitchen essentials
Jute Dish Scrubber

Better for the environment and your health!

You are probably familiar with the environmental problems linked to use of disposable plastic products. Like the growing (micro)plastic pollution problem, depletion of fossil fuels, and the release of greenhouse gases during the manufacturing process of plastic. But there are more reasons to switch to natural alternatives:

Chemical additives: Plastic sponges often contain chemical additives such as bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates to improve the sponge’s flexibility and performance. That has been linked to hormonal imbalances and other health problems.

Bacterial growth: the porous plastic sponge, creates ideal conditions for growth of bacteria and fungi. On the other hand, jute possesses natural antibacterial properties, making jute scrubbers resistant to the growth of harmful bacteria and mold. Unlike synthetic counterparts that can become breeding grounds for germs, jute products provide a hygienic and safe cleaning experience for your entire household.

Kalina’s jute scrubbers are hand-knitted with care by local crafters in Latvia, ensuring each piece is infused with a touch of artisanal craftsmanship and supporting local communities. Embrace sustainable cleaning with a personal touch.

Jute is a renewable resource that grows quickly and requires no pesticides or fertilizers to grow. During its growth, jute absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide, combatting greenhouse gas emissions. The cultivation of jute also contributes to soil health and prevents erosion, making it a beneficial crop for agricultural sustainability. Furthermore, jute fibers are biodegradable, meaning that when disposed of, they can naturally decompose without leaving behind harmful residues. 

Jute is a versatile and durable material. Jute fibers are known for their strength, allowing jute sponges to withstand repeated use without losing their effectiveness. This longevity means that fewer sponges need to be produced and replaced over time, reducing overall resource consumption.

Care Instructions & FAQ

After each use, rinse the scrubber in hot water and let dry. The scrubber can be machine washed at high temperatures or disinfected in boiling water with a pinch of soda. 

Jute has natural antibacterial properties and is very wear-resistant. Replace small holes easily repaired with a thread and needle! With proper use, your jute scrubber will last up to 2 years! 

Once you’re ready to dispose your scrubber, you can compost it in the garden or feed it to your indoor plants!

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