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Reusable Cotton Facial Mask

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Reusable Cotton Facial Mask is a sustainable replacement for single-use synthetic facemasks. After usage, the cotton mask can be machine-washed and reused. Made of Fair-trade, organic cotton. 

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Treat yourself to a home spa retreat! By using a reusable cotton facial mask, you can enjoy, without harming the environment or exposing your skin to unnecessary chemicals. Simply use the mask with our favorite product, DIY recipe, natural clay, or mud. This mask will prevent your mask from drying out on the face.


Try with our Organic Green Mud for face, body and hair or make your own with activated charcoal.

Benefits of Reusable Cotton Facial Masks:

  • Reusable and Zero-Waste  – Usually, single used face masks are synthetic and packed in multilayer foils of aluminum and plastic. Absolutely unnecessary. 
  • Using your own products, you know what it exactly contains, and you can choose the ingredients that match your needs.
  • Made of organic Fair-trade cotton.
  • Chemical-free and suitable for all skin types,
  • Can be machined washed on 60°C).

How to use the Cotton Facial Mask: 

  1. Apply your favorite facial mask product on your face.
  2.  Soak the mask in water and squeeze.
  3.  Apply the moist cotton facial mask on top of the product to prevent it from drying.
  4. After use, the cotton facial mask can be machine-washed at 60°C and reused. Please note that the cloth mask may lose up to 10% of its size after the first wash.


What is Fair-trade Cotton: 

The reusable cotton facial mask is made of organic, Fair-trade cotton from India. Fair-trade means fairer trading conditions and opportunities for cotton producers in developing countries to invest in their business and communities for a sustainable future. 

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1 Cotton Facial Mask


100% Certified Organic Cotton

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