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Pumice Stone


Natural volcanic pumice stone for removing dry, rough skin on feet and elbows.

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Natural volcanic pumice stone is a traditional cosmetic and hygienic tool for feet and elbow skincare. Volcanic stone – pumice stone has been used for pedicure procedures for centuries. It’s lightweight and does not crumble, wound, scar, or inflame the skin. The coarse texture of the stone easily removes old rough skin, calloused growths, corns, and small cracks.

How to use:

Soak your skin in the shower, bath, or foot bath. By gently polishing your skin, the stone frees it from dead cells and stimulates blood circulation. The pumice stone is especially recommended for use on feet and heels. With longer use, the Pumice becomes softer and you can also use it on more sensitive areas such as toes and elbows.

With regular use of pumice stone, the skin will become soft and tender. After use, the stone should be rinsed with running water and dried well.

Pumice stone is not recommended for:

Volcanic pumice stone is not recommended for diabetics, in the presence of lesions on the skin of the feet, with poor circulation in the extremities.

Where does Pumice stone come from?

Lava rock is frozen magma from the mouth of a volcano. Since ancient times, volcanoes have been considered a symbol of the four elements – water, fire, earth, and air. The fact that the lava stone contains a huge amount of microelements. As a rule, the flora in the area around volcanoes simply astonishes with its variety and abundance. Due to its high contents of mineral micro-elements, volcanic stones have a positive effect on the body and can contribute to the rapid healing of cuts and wounds.

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