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Organic Lavender Hydrosol


Refreshing lavender-water. Moisturizes the skin, relaxes and relieves stress.

50 ml

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Natural lavender hydrosol is the perfect refreshing spray for face, body and hair. Hydrosols are used as a makeup remover, toner, skin cleanser or moisturizer just before applying oil or cream. Their beautiful scents have aromatherapeutic effects, relaxing and relieving stress out, or if you want to – stimulating you into action. In your daily skincare routine it can replace tap-water

Lavender hydrosol gently cleanses the skin, relieves stress and relaxes the mind.  After misting your face, apply a drop of an oil of your choice (for instance Raspberry seed oil). The skin will remain soft and moisturized.

We recommend it specifically in your morning or evening skincare routine: use it to clean your face and neckline or before moisturizing your skin.

Your lavender hydrsosol is also perfect for:

  • Refreshing the skin during flights, drives or just long days.
  • As a spray for itchy skin, insect bites and after sun-burn. It is antibacterial; soothes skin irritation and relieves itchiness that might result from it.
  • As a hairspray, to refresh it and treat your scalp.
  • Serve as a spray to seal make-up or remove it.
  • In combination with a clay powder it creates a luxurious clay mask!
  • For aromatherapy or as room-and linnen sprays.

What are hydrosols and what else are they used for

Hydrosols are also called hydrolates, distillate waters or floral waters. Explained as simply as possible, a hydrosol is the aromatic condensed water left after steam distillation of botanical material such as from petals, leaves, bark,…

After the distillation process, what remains is essential oil and the hydrosol. A hydrosols still contains all the properties of the plant, but the concentration is much safer than with the essential oil. Hydrosols are well tolerated because of this.

Additional information


50 ml


Lavandula Angustifolia Flower Water, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate

The above product is 100% natural. Its aroma, color and consistency may differ slightly from batch to batch.

Peptides extracted from radishes preserve the floral water while at the same time provide a unique moisturizing effect.


Organic Peppermint hydrosol imported from a small distillery located in a picturesque part of Southern France.


Amber glass bottle with plastic atomizer

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