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Natural Haircare – Giftbox


A face & beard-care giftbox for the most delicate skin!

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Psst, let us share a secret… You don’t need much to make your hair look amazing! The secrets lies within using less heat and less styling products, but take better care of your scalp!

The Haircare Box includes the following natural full-size products:

About the products in this giftbox:

Sugarcane Squalane – Sugarcane Squalane is a hidden jam when it comes to skin & haircare! Squalane is an oil, identical to a substance (a type of fat) that occurs naturally in our skin. Human sebum consists of no less than 13% squalane. We produce it through our scalp, nails and skin, but around the age of 25 the amount of squalane you produce decreases. And that’s a shame, because that’s one of the most important substances that keeps the skin and hair look youthful. How to use Squalane: Apply a few drops of oil to the hair after washing to restore the shine. Squalane can also be used for scalp oil-treatments before washing the hair.

Large wooden hairbrush – A durable, large wooden hairbrush. The wooden bristles improve the natural shine and discharge the static hairs. When brushing it massages the head and improves blood circulation.

The milk, honey, oat shampoo bar – A universal shampoo bar with milk, honey and oat that takes care of dry and damaged hair and the scalp. It’s crafted from delicate surfactants and natural saponins, enriched with inulin, honey, milk proteins and delicate colloidal oatmeal.  The shampoo has a slightly acidic pH that seals the hair cuticles. At the same time the product is gentle on the scalp.




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