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Natural Grooming Kit for MEN


A face & beard-care giftbox for the most delicate skin!

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This giftbox includes natural products for a skin and beard care. Perfect for man that would like to start with skincare and/or switch to more natural products.

The giftbox includes the following full-size products:

About the products

What’s better than start your day fresh and groomed? This grooming set includes the necessary products for a quick fresh-up. Natural charcoal soap helps to get rid of smell and bacteria while minty peppermint hydrosol (can be used on the face, body and hair can replace a cup of coffee!

About Ministerstwo Natural Cosmetics

Ministerstwo is a small, family owned soap producer. Sisters Ania and Ula Bieluń founded Ministerstwo in the north-western part of Poland, in Kamień Pomorski.  All MinistersTwo artisanal cosmetics are natural and handmade in small batches. The young founders care as much about your health as about the earth. Most of their products are packaged completely plastic-free!

All of their cosmetics are artisanal products. The ingredients are mixed and packaged by hand. Ministerstwo formulas are always delicate on the skin, they foam up nicely and will last a long time.




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