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Massage brush with steel


Body brush with removable steel. Suitable for dry massage or shower use.

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Wooden brush with steal for dry massages – made of raw beech wood and vegan sisal fibers (natural).
The brush exfoliates the skin, remove dead skin cells, improves blood circulation and activate the lymphatic drainage.

Just 5-7 minutes of such beauty treatment before a shower or bath will improve the condition of the skin of the body, optimize microcirculation processes, contribute to the elimination of fluid stagnation in the tissues. And your body will be noticeably better!

It is important to follow a few simple rules:

1. Massage should be performed with a dry brush on dry skin, otherwise it can be traumatized.

2. 2. The massage movements should be circular, clockwise, and always towards the heart area.

3. Avoid massaging areas with moles, scars or birthmarks.

4. You should not press or rub! The goal is to achieve a slight reddening of the skin, without a burning sensation. The body should “burn” pleasantly, but not “flame”.

5. After the massage you should take a bath or shower, combining water procedures with scrubbing. Scrubbing is done manually, without a brush! It will enhance the effect of the massage, free the skin from the keratinized skin, makes it smooth. To enhance the effect, you can apply a few drops of the Marence – Anti-Cellulite oil after or during the treatment.

What makes this massage brush special?

The face brush consists of ultra-fine, 100% natural bristles and oiled, regional beech wood from responsibly managed forests. It is sustainably and traditionally made in Germany.


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Country of origin



Beech wood, sisal bristles


49 cm