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Jute All-Purpose Scrubber


Looking for a green sponge replacement? Our reusable and eco-friendly, jute all-purpose scrubber is an ideal alternative for plastic sponges & brushes. You can use it on your skin or for zero-waste cleaning. This scrubber is hand-knitted from plant-based, jute fibers. Jute is hard-wearing, has natural antibacterial properties, and can be washed at high temperatures making it possible to use it for up to 2 years! Once you’re ready to dispose your scrubber, you can compost it in the garden or feed it to your indoor plants! 


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Our hand-knitted jute all-purpose scrubber is an eco-friendly alternative for synthetic sponges. It is ideal for your natural skincare routine but can also be used as a reusable dish scrubber and cleaning tool for your zero-waste kitchen & home.

The benefits of jute scrubbers:

  • Made of 100% natural, plant-based material and therefore completely toxic-free!
  • Environmentally friendly, zero-waste & plastic-free.
  • Jute Scrubbers are Versatile and practical, they can be used for multiple purposes such as washing dishes, personal hygiene, or dry massages.
  • Jute is durable and wear-resistant – with proper care, your scrubber will last long.
  • Can be easily repaired and washed.
  • Just rough enough – the texture of the jute easily removes stubborn dirt without leaving scratches.
  • Compostable – after you are done with your scrubber, cut it into small pieces and feed it to your plants! The jute decomposes well in the ground, enriching the soil with organic matter.
  • Hand-made – our scrubbers sponges, mittens are hand-made, with your purchase, you support small businesses and & independent craftsmen.

Multiple uses of the jute all-purpose scrubber:

Toxic-free & plastic-free cleaning scrubber

Jute scrubbers are ideal for cleaning and washing dishes. Use soap or a pinch of soda to easily remove stubborn dirt from pans, oven-trays, stoves, etc. The handy handle and extra-large scrubbing surface ensure that you do not have to apply too much pressure with your hands. 

Natural bath sponge

The Jute Scrubber is a perfect alternative for expensive and often not-so-natural environmentally friendly body scrubs. For silky-smooth results, first let the skin soften in a warm bath, shower, or sauna for 5-7 minutes. Using natural soap and water, firmly massage the skin with the jute scrubber. Jute perfectly exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells.

A handy tool for dry massages 

Dry massaging is an ayurvedic lymphatic massage practice also called Gashana. Dry massage has an energizing effect, increases blood circulation, and exfoliates the skin leaving it soft, smooth, and radiant. Regular use helps to combat cellulite, bumpy skin, and ingrown hairs. Massage your skin using the dry scrubber, stroking in circular motions towards the heart. Always avoid lymph notes and open, damaged, or irritated skin. 

Care instructions for your Jute All-Purpose Scrubber:

After each use, rinse the scrubber in hot water and let dry. The scrubber can be machine washed at high temperatures or disinfected in boiling water with a pinch of soda. Jute has natural antibacterial properties and is very wear-resistant. Replace small holes easily repaired with a thread and needle! With proper use, your jute scrubber will last up to 2 years! When your scrubber needs to be replaced, compost your old one in the soil!

What is making the Jute All-Purpose Scrubber a more sustainable option?

Did you know that most synthetic sponges are not recyclable and go straight to the landfill? With every use, tiny bits of microplastic go straight down our drains and into our oceans where they pollute our coral reefs or are eaten by marine life. Therefore,  jute scrubbers eco-friendly alternative for synthetic sponges. 

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16 x 11 cm


100% Jute

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