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Handknitted Wool Mittens – Ice

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Get warm and cozy with a pair of traditional, hand knitted woolen mittens.

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Wool mittens made from sustainably produced wool. Each design is a unique and exclusively knitted by hand.

Size: Perfectly fits people with long fingers. Not suitable for small hands.

Sustainably produced wool

The wool for ours comes from a small family farm in Latvia and is processed in an environmentally and animal friendly way. The yarn is not chemically treated or excessively washed, and still contains the maximum amount of lanolin (wool wax), which maximizes the healing, self-cleaning and warming effects of wool.

Why we knit by hand

Our mittens are hand-knitted with love! Not only because this way we can ensure  the quality of our products but also because during the knitting process energy from the maker is transferred to the product. Therefore, our handmade mittens will bring health and happiness to their wearer!

Why you don’t need to wash your mittens often

Washing wool products is actually not necessary because wool naturally has self-cleaning properties. The protein in wool fights bacteria that have less chance to develop and produce an unpleasant odor. Wool also contains wool grease (lanolin), which prevents water and dirt from penetrating into the fiber. The wool even repels it! By washing the wool, we decrease the amount of the helpful linolin. Just handing your mittens in open air works wonders!

Washing instructions

If you do want to wash your mittens, use a wool wash or gentle cycle at 30ºC degrees. A wool wash program allows the temperature of the water to rise and fall slowly, which prevents the wool from “scaring” and shrinking. Preferably use a detergent for wool.

  • Wash at 30 ºC
  • Do not use a dryer
  • Do not iron
  • Never use bleach

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Perfectly fits people with long fingers. Not suitable for small hands.

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