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Aleppo Soap


One of the most natural and universal soaps in the world. Just suiting 3 ingredients.

200 g

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This luxurious, natural soap contains a complex of medicinal and antibacterial properties – it gently cares for and moisturizes the skin, and is also perfect for hair care, and even for bathing young children. Aleppo soap is cooked only from natural plant ingredients – it does not contain animal fats, flavors, preservatives, foaming agents or other chemical impurities.

Aleppo soap is a hard soap which consists of natural ingredients: olive oil, water, sodium hydroxide (also known as lye) and another truly unique ingredient – noble laurel oil, obtained from the branches, stems and leaves of laurel trees. Namely, the presence of laurel oil in soap gives it those very valuable health and nutritional properties for which soap from Aleppo is famous.

Many consider the traditional Aleppo soap from Aleppo to be the “gold” standard. Indeed, many Aleppo soap manufacturers have been using the same family recipe for hundreds of years. It’s no secret that in recent years, real Aleppo soap has become more and more difficult to find and buy, as its production has decreased and even completely stopped by some artisans. 

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200 g


Olive Oil, Laurel Oil, Sodium Hydroxide